About Us


“That they may all be one... that the world may believe” John 17:21-23

A volunteer organization that provides vision casting, leadership training and hands on experience to enable host communities around the world to present the passion play entitled “He’s Alive”, a dramatic re-enactment of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, in their own communities.


Our Vision: Exist to build up the body of Christ and proclaim the free gift of salvation by helping to organize and establish presentations of Christ’s suffering and resurrection for audiences worldwide.


Our Strategy: Our primary focus is telling the greatest story of Cross and Empty Tomb covering the last week events of Jesus’ life. In response to the expressed interest of the host community, we assist to perform the Passion Play through the Ecumenical i.e., Inter-denominational (Churches and Organizations) body of Christ. They are encouraged to share responsibilities with oneness which will reveal the truth “that they all may be one… that the world may believe” as Jesus prayed in John 17:21-23.


Our Journey

Three decades back the ministry was launched as a local event by Stan Burgett who was inspired by a crucifixion drama at his age of fifteen. When Stan moved to Denver, the vision expanded in its shape and an unexpected call from Las Vegas (1994) is God’s invitation to reach global commune for Christ. In the year 2000, the Passion Play India is rooted via South Africa. Until 2013, we were event ministry team with live dialogue performances responding invitation.


When we branched out in 2014 at Thiruvannamalai with pre-recorded approach just to overcome technical hazards, the divine plan urged us to next level. It enforces to design a training module, all-for-all characters system and raise new teams in Tamil and Kannada languages. In this five-year’s journey, by the spiritual direction the ministry got planted in five districts of two states with inisters, Performers and Supporters who are all voluntarily hosting the passion play annually.


 So as to understand quickly, it is a mega show of…

·        1-in-Christ people are sacrificially contributing to “Go and Tell”

·        2-and-half hours re-enactment of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection on stages

·        30+ years in presenting a high-tech, inter-denominational, international approach

·        70+ performances covered Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka & Andhra in the past 20 years 

·        300+ people are dedicating as cast, crew, organizational and as supporters

·        3600+ Sq. Ft stages with unique structure and set transitions.

·        30000+ global audiences reached annually.


And the exciting experience of…

·        Reformed ONENESS, need of the hour, leads to practice “living instruments of Christ”

·        Rejuvenation of Biblical and Christian value based re-enactments to exhibit the core of Gospel

·        Astonishing know-how of Jesus’ life-time, style, people, practices, history etc. 

·        Induce audience participation in Christ’s suffering and joy of His resurrection 

·        Countless miracles, convictions, commitments, reinforcement’s by/in/for Christ.


We appreciate your partnership involvements through continuous prayer, offer and/or introduce your skills/talents, contribute available material resources, share the need-based monetary supports, patronage and hatsoever possible to reveal the greatest story ever told.